The Wildhorse Rendezvous is a pre 1840 mountian man rendezvous held at Saw Mill Gultch in Lolo National Forest near Cyr, Montana, 18 miles west of Missoula. Events include black powder rifle, pistol, and smoothbore shooting, tomahawk and knife throwing, primitive archery, cannon shoot, desert cooking contest, and kids activities. Reenactors range from full primitive to first timers (pilgrims).


Great vendors selling everything from blackpowder accessories to peroid clothing and cookies!


36th Annual Wildhorse Rendezvous

Memorial Day Weekend 2018

Open the public!

Camp opens Friday at 9:00 am for set up and registration opens 12:00.

Camping fee: $30

Shooter fee: $5 plus a blanket prize

Primitive dress encouraged.

Tin Teepee area available for RV's.

For more information contact: 

Booshway - Mike Tomell 


Note: No pre-registration please.






Veiw of the main camp in Saw Mill Gultch, Lolo National Forest and the Wildhorse Rendezvous cannon shoot.