At rendezvous, or when ever free trappers, traders and mountain men gathered, they would spread out their blankets and display items they had for sale or items they wanted to trade. Yep, mountain men may have invented the modern day flea market and garage sale!

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30th Annual Wildhorse Rendezvous’ Cookbook

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The only thing better than shooting black powder is to eat food cooked on the open fire. These recipes have been tested and approved by numerous mountain men and women who love to interpret the rendezvous era, shoot, eat and by merry!

The Sapphire Mountain Men Shooting Club works towards developing period representations of the pre 1840's fur trade era as well as honesty, fellowship, sportsmanship and patriotism.



Table of Contents:

·         Cast Iron Cooking Tips

·         Beverages and Condiments

·         Breakfast

·         Soups and Bread

·         Main Dishes

·         Side Dishes

·         Desserts

·         Medical Marvels

·         Trek Recipe

·         Clean Up

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